The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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The author is one of us! :D

I have gotten books and such on DirectX, but I quickly found out that other resources jump around and use crazy terminology that is easily forgotten (*I get it, you know your stuff but could you please dumb it down for us?* -> Seemed to be the experience.The author of this site is amazing! Every little detail is explained and in roughly 2 days I have come farther in DirectX then I have in years. Before you go out and buy books or anything on DirectX I strongly recommend starting here first!Btw, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this site! It has renewed my hope in going deeper and deeper into graphics and game programming!

Brent Farris (baflink)

This is a great kickstart!

I have been programming for long now, and then i ran into Directx 9, and without any kind of help, i would be hopeless(Well.. maybe not, but it would be a lot harder). These tutorials give you a great kick start. They are clear, well explained, and easy to understand! If you have to chose to pay or not, then pay for a premium, i guarantee that you wont be disappointed!

Miguel Petersen (Miguel)

Subscribed and Happy

I could not have been more impressed with the content already up on this website and the continuous updates the owner and author has been providing. The $35.00 is well worth it, the programming is clear and concise; the explanations are as well. Everything I ever needed in terms of game programming with DirectX I have obtained from here.

Joshua Sigona (sigonasr2)

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