The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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It really works!

Its much easier learn from and work with than most if not all of the books on directx. D3D and D3DX functions and parameters are explained well. The site acts as a great tutorial, as well as a great reference.


FINALLY, a DirectX tutorial that makes sense!!!

I had been struggling with getting a handle on DirectX programming for several years. Each time pouring through the scantly documented SDK files and reading a book here and there on the subject, but to no avail. Not having the time to spend countless hours on it, I always found my projects on the back burner, or a new version of DirectX technology to learn. put an end to that. Without going into the minutia, Chris Hanson gets you up and running with DirectX and 3D programming and does not drown you in the obscure details of the SDK. If you have ever had to struggle with getting up to speed on DirectX or watched as each version number just ticked higher and higher… I recommend you sign up for and see what you have been missing.


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