The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Useful Resources
Programming Resources - An excellent (and most popular) resource for all things in game development. A great forum for when you become stuck. Also has many good articles on advanced topics.

Wrox Publications - Wrox is probably the best way to learn a new programming language. Their books pay special attention to detail and ease. I highly recommend Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012 for learning C++. - Don't want to buy Ivor Horton's book just to take a crash course in C++? Do this website's tutorial instead.

Game Developer Magazine - A great magazine that I highly recommend to any game developer. Each issue is filled with advanced game programming techniques, industry news and career opportunities.

My Section - My brother's website. He wrote a book called Thriven. Very interesting and unique. Very fast-paced.

XKCD - My favorite web comic. - Fun! Fun! Fun! My latest favorite game here is the N-Game (get good at it before you judge it though...) - My game site. I've launched two games so far: UberMage and Alpha Invasion. They're available on Windows Phone. Check 'em out!