The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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About DirectXTutorial
The Purpose of DirectXTutorial

Actually, my original purpose for writing this tutorial has a long story behind it. See, I've been an amateur game programmer for some time, and for much of that time I've kept dropping it to do other things like make money, pay bills, and so forth. Eventually I got so tired of forgetting DirectX and re-learning it every time I got a little busier than usual, that I built myself a DirectX 7 documentation that was easy enough for me to read, even though I had forgotten everything.

Well, shortly after building that tutorial, I had a several year spree of no programming, and when I came back to enjoy my hobby once more, I found that DirectX had evolved out of DirectX 7, through 8, into 9 and was preparing to upgrade again to 10. In short, my documentation that I had put so much work into was completely useless.

Anyway, it struck me that there were no good tutorials out anywhere (or any good books for that matter) which taught DirectX. (I used to use Andre LaMothe books back then, which far surpassed any book or tutorial today.) I had such a hard time learning DirectX 9 from the tutorials provided that I decided (on a whim) to start building a DirectX 9 tutorial for myself. One of my friends asked me to put it into a website, and, well, here we are.

So, after all that, the purpose of this website is to assist novice programmers to overcome the difficulties in learning DirectX and game programming. I found that it is not difficult to program games in DirectX, nor is it difficult to learn how (provided it is taught correctly) I hope this site will teach it correctly, so that others may follow my footsteps and have an easy time with DirectX.

Of course, if there is any part of the tutorial which is not easy for you to get, please let me know, as I will try to upgrade that portion as soon as possible to repair the tough spot.